Stern Tube Bearing, Wiping Damage

This stern tube bearing Fast Repair Solution Report provides the following information:

  • Damage evaluation
  • Repair success rate
  • Repair solutions for the bearing
    • Recommendation for bearing clearance
  • Repair solutions for the shaft
    • Options for diameter reduction
  • Fast way forward action list
  • Requirements from classification Societies
  • Value notes: Best practice background information
  • Report length: About 6 pages
  • Report Editor:  Dipl.-Ing. Ingmar Pötzsch
  • 30minutes of expert support by phone included!


Repair Companies Stern Tube Bearing
Company Country lCity / Availability Competence Class Approval
Get Details The Netherlands USA Asia Middle East Local Worldwide Bolt Calculation (foundation) Recondition of engine parts In-Situ machining Crankshaft replacement Laser Alignment Foundation on cast resign White Metal Bearing
Get Details Denmark Local Worldwide Straightening of Shafts Propeller Repair CPP Component repair White metal In Situ Machining Laser Cladding
Get Details China Local Worldwide Remetalling white metal
Get Details Australia Local Remetalling white metal
Get Details UK Local Worldwide Metal Spraying Services Diesel Engine Crankshaft Repair Selective Plating of Damaged Bearings Machinery and Engine Components Damper Repairs Metal Stitching Cylinder Heads Cast Iron Fusion Weld Repairs Tailshaft/Propeller Shaft Journal Machining Propeller Repairs Shaft Bearing Housing Alignment Selective Plating