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Gear & Gearbox Repair, Top Qualified Company Selection

Selected experienced repair companies for gear repair with reference to repair procedures accepted by classification societies for in-situ repairs, welding repair, and metal stitching.


Company Country City / Availability Competence Class Approval
Get Details Germany Local Welded Structures for Machinery
Parts, Gear Boxes, Frames Structures
Get Details Germany Local Gear Boxes,
Components for Winches
Get Details Germany Local Machinery Components – Vacuum electron beam welding of gear components Welding
Get Details Germany Local Wire-Flame Spraying
High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Spraying
Powder Flame Spraying
Thermal Spraying
Get Details Germany Local Machinery components (e.g. gear housings and castings)
Structural applications (e.g. welding of loadbearing steel components)
Get Details Finland Local Rebuilding of gears